AOMA members can tell you – joining us provides valuable rewards and great opportunities to grow your business:

"Our affiliation with NAA has impacted our organization at every level. Not only do our associates benefit from the depth of educational programs and professional development opportunities made available to them through our membership, they are able to engage with their industry peers at the local level to create meaningful relationships and develop partnerships that benefit our company and our communities.

"NAA helps strengthen our company and enables us to provide superior service to our residents and our clients."

Oakbrook Corporation, Madison Wisconsin

"AOMA's value proposition to our company is paramount. Between networking, education, property tours and legislative advocacy on the local, state and federal levels our membership affiliation has paid great dividends."

Don Lindeman, President, Mandel Group

"It has been valuable being a part of AOMA and NAA. The association allows us to create long-term business and friendship relationships.

"There are many events throughout the year that are geared toward understanding the property management industry in Wisconsin. Knowing the market is our key to success.

"At events we are able to meet site level personnel, management, owners and key vendors; there is no better way to network than attending a AOMA or NAA event and being an active part of the association."

Julie Fosco, Integral Management Company LLC.